flextable 0.4.0 is out


The package flextable is existing since mid 2016 and I did not made any communication about it; obviously if I wrote it, I’d like it to be used by R users! That post is an attempt to fix that. The flextable package makes it simpler to create tables for reporting purposes. The goal of the package is to provide a set of functions that can be used to design and format tabular reporting.


officer version 0.1.6


It’s time to announce the release of officer version 0.1.6. It allows to generate Microsoft documents from R; supported formats are Word and PowerPoint. It does come with other new packages1: flextable: produces sophisticated tables. rvg: produces vector graphics for PowerPoints mschart: produces native Microsoft charts Package officer is the reboot of ReporteRs. It’s better, faster and does only rely on R.2 Example Let’s have a demo.


ggiraph 0.3.3 is out


I am excited to announce the release of ggiraph version 0.3.3. The package did not evolved that much within the last months as I was busy on other projects. I finally found time last week to work on it. The new version fixes an issue with pan effect (that was not adjusted to the zoom level). ggiraph() has a new agument ggobj to avoid call to print in the code argument.


First post


This is my first post. As I am writing packages for R, I should communicate on my work. Until now, I didn’t have correct tool to do it without spending days on it. Thanks to blogdown package from Yihui Xie, I don’t have an excuse anymore…


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