ArData is a consulting company providing its expertise for R technologies, RStudio, shiny, data-science and data visualisation.

R expertise

ArData provides companies expertise on a range of solutions around the R software for 15 years.

Our missions can be part in various steps of your data sciences challenges : From mounting your data platform to visualization through collection, transformation & data analyze. Thus, we can make an audit report of your existing codes. Create and/or deploy new packages, Shiny applications or blogdown websites.


Data science

With more than 15 years of R experience, ArData is providing its expertise for any R related subject.

We faced various contexts; life sciences, finance, marketing, web analytics, energy. We support industrial groups as much than small teams.


Open source

We work primarily with open source software and try to give back to the community what it brings us by contributing to the R package system. Our packages are available on CRAN and on github.


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