Our R expertise

Our R expertise 


We can help you setting up RStudio server, RStudio Connect and Shiny Server within your company. We have experience of deployments with open source versions but also with Pro versions.


We automate the creation of your reports from your data and using our expertise R expertise for the creation of graphs, tables and reports, in particular with the packages officer, flextable and ggplot2.


We are fluent in shiny and would be happy to help you building awsome dashboards.


We are often providing to our customers analytics and software as R packages. This makes deploiement and maintenance easier for everybody. Our R packages can be integrated in your environnement seamlessly.


We can help you migrate from SAS to R, from java to R and any other migration to R.


We provide our clients with a set of tools such as R and python, RStudio and Visual Source Code that we connect to your information systems.

Scientific computing platforms

We prototype, develop and deploy your data visualization applications. The tools we use are ‘shiny’ and ‘node.js’ technologies.

Interactive dashboards

We develop public or private web portals to offer your scientific teams a way to disseminate information processed with their their favorite open source tools.

Web Portals

We develop and integrate your analytical and reporting modules within your information system.

Automations and analytics

The realization of the data mapping of your organization allows you to identify and represent the data sources and their processing. It will offer the opportunity to your organization to use this data and to facilitate its exploitation or its reorganization.

Data cartography

We handle specific processing needs such as deduplication of your CRM databases, data cleansing and normalization.

Data processing

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