Columns names with MathJax

This example shows how to create a flextable equations in header. It is created with a data.frame whose column names contain LaTeX equations.

Insert equations

This example shows how to add 'MathJax' equations into a flextable.

Custom cell content

Demonstration of formatting capabilities for cell content of various types such as numeric columns, dates, strings.


Apply a color gradient on a contingency table.

GAM model

How to get a flextable from a GAM model by calling `as_flextable`.

tennis players

Mix text and image, use the functions `compose` and `as_image`. The table shows a tennis players ranking.

captions examples

How to add captions to a flextable in R Markdown documents. These examples demonstrate various methods.

Correlation matrix

How to add create a flextable that looks like an heatmap.

GLM model

How to get a flextable from a GLM model. This example demonstrate a simple call to `as_flextable` and then format the result.

Mario kart

Mix text and image to build a table presenting statistics of Mario Kart characters.

Table with density lines

In this example, we create a flextable that represents an aggregation as a density curve.

Inner and outer borders

How to manage regular inner and outer borders.

Création d'une fonction theme

La création d'une fonction theme pour un flextable passe par la création d'une fonction.