Data Science

ArData has a long and varied experience in the field of data science. We work in the retail, analytical marketing, energy, healthcare and many other sectors. We support both industrial groups and small teams.

We work together with all the players, technical and non-technical. The challenges of the success of data-science projects require the collaboration of several services. ArData covers this scope and allows the satisfaction of business needs and technical and organizational constraints.

Data access

We master the data and know how to adapt to your data universe.

We work with a variety of systems ranging from simple datasets to complex database systems and web services.

Transform and enrich

We are good at data wrangling.

We structure, clean, and enrich your data for easy exploration and analysis.

Value your data

We are giving value to your data.

We use our skills in statistics, computer science, communication but also our common sense to extract and highlight knowledge from your data.

We are operational

We can help you to deploy your insights.

Our knowledge and experience of various IR environments is a key value when integrating your models in your information systems.


We can set up KPI in order to evaluate efficacy.

A production model must be regularly evaluated to assess the relevance of the decision it provides to help you.


automatic detection of abnormalities during medical treatments

Pricing models

Weather sensitivity

Customer segmentation

Evaluation of marketing impact on sales

Model calculations - automation